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WiLL I grew up listening to all of the classic synth bands from the 80s and for so long have relied on the classics for that style. Alec's music has proven that you can replicate and innovate with that sound as he cranks out one creative masterpiece of an album after another. Favorite track: Desperation.
passed out
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passed out its as if 'The Cure' have grown balls. Favorite track: Snow.
Matt Onstott
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Matt Onstott Great record Alec! To everyone looking for a must have this year this is it. :-)

Ps: I highly recommend all of previous albums. Favorite track: Snow.
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"Memorial ... sees him solidifying a washed-out, dream-pop sound he’s been tinkering with since ’07. Disguise recalls classic shoegaze, burying a sense of paranoia in waves of reverb. Anhedonic nods to Joy Division with its jerky percussion and Washed Out with its plush bedroom intimacy. And Oblivious mixes burbling electronics with a rough rock riff and pillowy vocals..." --CMJ

"Alec West pays homage to the legendary Brian Eno solo album under the moniker, Another Green World, while making music that attests to the rippling shockwaves from said modern LP marvel. Although based in Memphis, the hazy-glaze guitar to vocal relationship is remarkably resembling the west coast home brewed dream tapes zapped with spinning synth twist that are peppered for precision guided weirdness..." --Impose Magazine

"The style is sonically right up our alley with its dream like sounds and beautifully composed pop tendencies. Once again we are finding many things to like here and I’m sure you guys will too..." --Austin Town Hall

"The Memphis musician, with the Brian Eno-evoking name, has certainly made good on that ambition on “Disguise”, the first single from the album. It’s a sprawling track of lugubrious dream-noise..." --Bullett Magazine

"Album of the day..." --Eden Is Neon


released October 21, 2014

Music & lyrics by Alec West
Artwork & design by Alec West



all rights reserved


Another Green World Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Kanashii
She walks down the hall
With a purse full of drugs
Her head is like a cloud
Her memories let her down
She lays still, numb and alone
Too high to feel right
Her eyes are full of hate
Her memories let her down

What could you do to me
What could you do to me
Track Name: Disguise
Can you see me living here
I'm lost without you living here
The look you gave me said hello

The warmth will bury me in the sea
I'm living inside my past
The look you gave me said hello

I'm wishing superstitions
I'm dreaming like I used to
I'm sleeping like I used to
Your memory will last me
Your memory will last me
Your disguise

Can you feel me living here
I'm sad without you living here
The passion you had
You loved me
Track Name: Desperation
There is someone inside of me
Something I can't describe
I would die to know
Where she is in life

I'll be the watcher in her eyes
Something she cannot find
I would die to know
Where I live inside

Then she told me
In death we'll part
I saw the look in her eyes
I felt the rage inside

I'd follow her if I could
To the deepest place I could find
In the shadows she'd see
We could be alive

The night creeps into my days
The lights flash again

The grave is marked for me
I cannot get inside
I'll carefully wait
Till you find your way

There is a struggle inside me
Who could I really be
Am I in some kind of disguise
Do you want me to leave

The night creeps into my days
The lights flash again
Track Name: Sensation
Year after year
I'm so cold
My heart is getting older
Distrust arises

When I feel
The right sensation
I'll know

Year after year
Dripping melancholy
My mind is turning cynical
Misery day to day
Track Name: Anhedonic
Some part of me has died
And I'm never going to be
The way I was

Some part of me, still tries
And I'm never going to be
What you wanted me to be

Can't you see I can't enjoy anything
I'm going to panic, I'm short of breath

Put me out of your misery
Put me out of your misery
Track Name: Wilderness
Whispering in your ear, I want to die
The ocean isn't deep enough for me
Waking up next to you, I could die
The sky is not high enough for me

Traveling through space and time
Reliving old memories
I don't need anyone
And I don't care

Whispering in your ear, I'm just a shell
The desert isn't far enough for me
Waking up next to you, I could just die
The mountains aren't cold enough for me
Track Name: Snow
Do you want me around
Do you feel the same way I do
Can you wait for it
Can I sleep on it

I slept in snow hoping I would freeze
I don't wanna wake up, oh no

Do you even know me
Do you think the same things I do
Can you wait for me
Can I sleep on it
Track Name: Oblivious
There are places I would go for you
There are places I would go for you

You said lead me to the garden
Overgrown, decayed, just like me
To the mountains you said let’s go
Through it all I can't say enough

Inside the city, dispose of me
Inside your head, get on top of me

I've got nothing left to live
I let you use me for what reason
Through your mouth, words spoken
In the dark there is smoke to please me
Track Name: Memorial
Do I rise like a mountain
Or descend like the rain
Can I go back in time
To a different time and place
Track Name: Blizzard
Kill me I can't see
Why I shouldn't die
Stranded in the city
Getting high one last time

It's got to happen sometime
Dream with your heart

You slowly back away
(She's up to something)
Your hands behind your back
(She's hiding something)

I never said I was right
Can I pretend to know why
Stranded in this place
Thinking about it one last time
Track Name: Promise
There's pictures hanging on the walls
There’s smiles all around the halls
Oh I'll picture it so perfect
Fancy jewelry around your neck

I know I belonged to you
You keep thinking that I do
You were my true love
You sent my hopes to the sky above

I have to live without you
They all told me that they knew
Without you I thought I would die
I've spent this time getting high

I used to hold you all night long
I used to sing you songs
You had to let me go
Let’s watch the world grow